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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

A single session in our Salt Room is $35 per person. A single session in our Infrared Sauna is also $35. We do have different packaging options available as well, but we recommend trying out a single session first -- then we can discuss which packaging option is best for you.

Can I bring my child for a session in your Salt Room?

Under 12 years:

We do allow appointments for young children, but we understand that kids prefer to play rather than sit still for 45 minutes. So, we just like to share that it will be a different experience than our usual sessions, which are quiet & electronic-free. There may also be other children in the session. Please call us to schedule an appointment with your child.

12 years & up:

We do allow appointments for children but just like to give a reminder that our sessions are quiet so that everyone can get the full benefit of the experience.

How long is a session in your Salt Room?

A session in our Salt Room is always 45 minutes and begins on the hour.

How long is a session in your Infrared Sauna?

A session in our Infrared Sauna ranges from 30-45 minutes, with your first session being 30 minutes.


What do I wear for a Salt Room session?

Most people choose to wear their normal daily clothing. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing to ensure a relaxing session.


What do I wear for an Infrared Sauna session?

We have a single person sauna in a private room, so you can wear whatever is comfortable to you knowing that you will perspire during your session. 

What do I need to bring for my Salt Room session?

Come prepared to relax. No food/drinks or electronics allowed during a session.


What do I need to bring for my Infrared Sauna session?

Be sure to bring a water bottle so that you can hydrate throughout your session. It is common for people to bring a book to read during their session as well.

Will I receive a confirmation email of my appointment?

Yes, be sure you receive a confirmation email after booking your appointment. If you do not receive a confirmation email, something most likely went wrong during scheduling and your appointment has not been saved. When booking an appointment for the first time through our scheduling site (MindBody), you will first need to create an account before booking the appointment. 


When are you open this week?

We do not have a set open/close time as our hours are based on our Salt Room & Infrared Sauna appointments. Typically, we are open 9am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday & 9am-3pm on Friday. Just let us know when you plan to stop by for any shopping so we can verify we'll be open at that time! :)

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